Bedok Jetty, a popular angling spot, is but a short jaunt away from the city centre and its accompanying rat race. Located right in the midst of bustling East Coast Park, it has still preserved a unique brand of serenity.

Bedok Jetty’s popularity with the local fishing community lies in its ability to offer scalable levels of difficulty for anglers. You can go for the challenge of shallow water fishing just off the coast, or head further away to the deeper ends for more intense angling. Because of its wide appeal, it attracts scores of fishing enthusiasts, of various levels of experience, pitching their lines daily. Since Bedok Jetty offers both shallow and deep water fishing, the potential catches are naturally diversified. There are easily spotted schools of tambans (Sardinella fimbriata) which are widely used as bait, as well as ikan parang, commonly known as “sai toh” to the Chinese. More exotic marine life are up for grabs as you move further along the jetty to engage in surfcasting, a method of fishing where anglers cast their lines into deeper waters. With experience, you may even catch barracuda sharks and stingrays.

Opening Hours

Monday 24 - 7

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