Take a trip down this Boulevart, for a relaxing art jamming session and a good cuppa Joe. No art equipment to call your own? Fret not. For $33 per session, you’ll be provided with a disposable apron, a cotton canvas, takeaway canvas box and nylon flat brushes for you to use and take home. Polish your painting skills by signing up for workshops inspired by renowned artists such as Monet and Van Gogh, or have a dig at colouring in your portraits with glow-in-the-dark acrylics, flowers, or sand. You can also customise sessions for a personal feel.

Opening Hours

Monday - - -
Tuesday 13:03 - 18:03
Wednesday 13:03 - 18:03
Thursday 13:03 - 18:03
Friday 13:03 - 18:03
Saturday 10:03 - 18:03
Sunday - - -


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