D’Best Recreation opens its door to not only experienced anglers but to everyone else in the public. D’Best aims to provide a rich and immersive fishing experience, and to spark angling interests in first-timers.

At D’Best Recreation’s round-the-clock fishing ponds, guests can look forward to a rewarding fishing experience with heaps of premium quality fishes, sought locally and abroad that are being released into the ponds at frequent intervals to guarantee anglers a splashing good time and a bountiful haul!

D’Best also boasts alternative challenges for anglers through specially designed pond structures that are sure to put their skills, agility and stamina to the test.

In bid to spread the love of fishing, D’Best aim also includes introducing an experimental kids fishing area with live sea creature to educate them on marine life and to kick start their angling interests from an early age.

Opening Hours

Monday 24 - 7
Tuesday 24 - 7
Wednesday 24 - 7
Thursday 24 - 7
Friday 24 - 7
Saturday 24 - 7
Sunday 24 - 7


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