Established in 2007, Haibin began with a handful of men behind the scenes who lovingly and silently contributed to the masses. Their passion and love for Haibin was proven when they tirelessly travel across 2300 kilometres to Thailand by van to scour for fresh water prawns to match up with consumer’s demands,even till today. Though our history is short but Hai Bin has gone further than any existing prawn fishing businesses ever in Singapore’s history.
Our success is due to our strong workforce who is strong financially and professionally capable in environmental control in regards to pond water management, pest management. Our sales team is also very well-trained, motivated and focused to provide great customer satisfaction.

Opening Hours

Monday 24 - 7
Tuesday 24 - 7
Wednesday 24 - 7
Thursday 24 - 7
Friday 24 - 7
Saturday 24 - 7
Sunday 24 - 7


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