Located at the foot of a hill, which is part of Ang Mo Kio Garden West, the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club facility has a capacity to accommodate more than 1000 cages. On competition days, temporary tentage has to be erected to accept more cages. Every morning, sans rain, and as early as 6am, merbok or zebra doves are hoisted up 20ft high poles for training. They are hoisted up by a simple pulley system. These birds, with a greyish face and a pinkish brown body, are encouraged to sing when in the presence of many of their own kind.

The whole recreational facility forms an unique corner of Singapore. It is the largest bird singing and display arena in the country and one of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is conducive and ideally suited for such activity. There is lush greenery on the nearby hill, a big carpark with broad-canopy raintrees, wrought-iron benches, food outlets and a market. The area has not only attracted bird lovers but also casual local visitors, expatriates and tourists. On some weekends, there are busloads of visitors from other parts of Singapore.

The best birds are brought here for training and competition, not only from Ang Mo Kio but also from as far as Pasir Ris, Jurong or Woodlands. The hustle and bustle of activity is ongoing on a daily basis, every morning from 6am to noon, with the biggest crowds on weekends and public holidays. Besides having been featured in videos and magazines, a little known fact was that the area was used as a site location for a few scenes for the movie “Cages” in 2004.

Opening Hours

Monday 24 - 7

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