Little Artists Art Studio is a cosmopolitan Fine Art Studio, founded in Singapore in 1997, which for 20 years has nurtured the creativity of young and mature painters, sculptors, and sketch artists from 2.5yrs – 17yrs, as well as adults of all ages. Teaching both observational art and creative art, our students learn from innovative Fine Art Teachers and Practicing Artists with degrees in Fine Art and Design from around the world.

Starting with the fundamentals of colour and composition, students imbibe the basic tools of creativity. Students are introduced to a variety of mediums, techniques and art forms by qualified professionals. Once the teachers establish the core-skills, they encourage students to explore freely guided by their aptitude and interest. Each student begins wherever his / her ability permits. They set their own pace and style. The small student-teacher ratio ensures individual and sustained attention at all levels.

Our programmes are designed to discover and showcase the creative best in your youth. The beauty and joy of art will enrich their lives thereafter. Little Artists fosters a fun-filled, pressure-free atmosphere, making learning a pleasurable experience. We encourage families to visit the studio and interact with the teachers.

Opening Hours

Monday 11:03 - 19:03
Tuesday 11:03 - 19:03
Wednesday 11:03 - 19:03
Thursday 11:03 - 19:03
Friday - - -
Saturday 09:03 - 17:03
Sunday 09:03 - 17:03

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